The Mulberry tree

The Mulberry tree is among the most famous paintings of Vincent van Gogh. He created it in 1889, a year before his death. After a renowned ear accident, Vincent went to stay at the Asylum, where he remained for a year. After the incident, his mental health was almost destroyed; he had paranoid thinking that people wanted to poison him. In his famous letters to his dear brother Theo, he acknowledged that he had been in the wrong place mentally, but he was getting better. During his stay at Asylum, Vincent painted different aspects of his life, such as doctors, gardens, fields, flowers.' The Mulberry tree was created during his Asylum period, and it depicts a view from the Asylum window. The Mulberry tree is growing alone from a rocky hillside. There are different bright colors used in this painting that shows Vincent's interest in impressionism, his knowledge of color theory, and his place in the world.